Andy Conquers The Great Wall of China

I did it! From 4-10 June 2017, together with Bfirms’ Lee Campbell and my team of tireless supporters (thank you Dad, thank you Frank, thank you Nathalie), I lived the dream and walked along The Great Wall of China.

The views were breathtaking. The actual wall itself is not a solid brick wall, the Great Wall of China is crumbling in parts and is not very even. Parts of it are in fact quite dangerous. On the third day of my hike, there were some very narrow sections where I could have fallen off and broken my neck if I were not careful.

For this adventure I was not only fitter but more confident and a lot more aware than I was at Kokoda. I was tougher mentally, and if it were not for me I fear that the others’ would not have made it 😉

Looking forward to my next adventure…

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