Andy’s next adventure


It’s been some time now since I trekked along the Great Wall of China and I am due for a new adventure.  Since then I have been busy continuing my training with Lee Campbell and working at Papandrea Partners.  At Papandrea Partners I have been working closely with the accountants, assisting and providing support to them.  This includes scanning, filing of documents, compiling sets of documents, creating entity structure diagrams, data entry and reconciliations.

 Next year I have some exciting new adventures planned.  Together with Lee Campbell, I have been invited to go to Scotland in May to speak at a neuroplasticity conference in Edinburgh.  I have been to England and Wales before but not to Scotland so I am very much looking forward to that.  Lee and I are also planning to go to Brazil next year to climb Christ the Redeemer.  I hope to achieve all of this and I am greatly looking forward to training and preparing for these great adventures.

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