The Great Wall of China

In June this year, I am hoping to embark upon my next adventure, a three day trek along the Great Wall of China. In readiness for this challenge I have been busy undertaking extensive training sessions with my trainer Lee Campbell of B.FIRM.

I am greatly looking forward to my trip to China. I have never been to China before but ever since 1989 I thought it would be an interesting place to go and visit. The Great Wall is very long and I will be only doing small sections of it. Afterwards I will be doing some sight-seeing around Beijing.

I hope that it will be easier than my trip to Kokoda, but only time will tell. I am hoping the wall will be more like a road than the big mountain I was climbing at Kokoda. I hope that with all the training I am doing I will be more prepared for this epic adventure. Lee has me doing a lot of weight training with my legs.

The long and winding road awaits…

If you would like to be a part of my adventures and support my latest challenge at the Great Wall of China then please visit the following link:

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